Curriculum Vitae


Oct 2023 – Present

Public Sector Consulting

KPMG, Berlin

For more information about my job, visit KPMG.

Nov 2021 – Jun 2023

Website Developer and Public Relation Assistant

InnovationLab (iLab) Ethik und Management, Bayreuth

My main task is to further develop the frontend and backend of the website for the InnovationLab Ethics and Management (iLab) and increase its visibility. Additionally, I am responsible for visualizing the business strategies of the think tank behind the iLab. Furthermore, I have designed program booklets, flyers, and certificates for events organized by the iLab.

Achievement: By adding new sections (Job offers, Call for Papers) and links to scientific papers, I was able to increase the website traffic of the iLab by 200% according to the Google Performance Report. Together with Professor Brink, the director of the iLab, I have visualized various business strategies, including a Twin Transformation Typology (see or

Oct 2021 – Oct 2021

Event Host

Deutsche Transplantationsgesellschaft e.V., Stuttgart

As an event host at the annual conference of the German Transplantation Society 2021, I was responsible for looking after the meeting rooms. I was the first point of contact for speakers and session chairs and was responsible for compliance with hygiene protection measures.

Nov 2020 – Oct 2021

Website Team Leader & Member of the Marketing

bayreuther dialoge e. V., Bayreuth

The Bayreuth Dialogues is a future forum for economics, philosophy, and society. As a member of the marketing team, I organized the 2021 conference. I was primarily responsible for creating a new website, which I developed in cooperation with the website team.

Additionally, I was also in charge of workshop registrations during the conference and created a dynamic registration form using Jotform. This form displayed the available workshop slots and allowed for easy changes in registration.

Achievement: Development of a modern and responsive website with a content management system.

Nov 2020 – Nov 2021

Member of the IT

Junior Beratung Bayreuth e. V., Bayreuth

As a member of the student consulting association  JBB, I worked with the IT team on the development of Microsoft PowerApps which made it easier to search through multiple SharePoint lists using forms.

Achievement: I created a search interface that allowed users to search for projects based on various criteria (e.g., implementation status). This enabled users to quickly see who led a project, what it was about, and its current status. The app was accepted by the members’ assembly and successfully handed over for further development.

Oct 2019 – Oct 2021

IT and Communications Executive

Labodia AG, Zurich

For the European subsidiary of Able Labodia AG, my main tasks included creating new explainer videos for new products and developing landing pages for key products. Additionally, I provided consultancy on modernizing the IT infrastructure, such as implementing Microsoft Teams. Similar to my work at Able, I also created a new product catalog with QR codes linking to the landing pages of the key products.

Achievement: Thanks to my artwork, especially the new product catalog, the local sales teams received many new invitations to present their products.

In Germany, I continued my work as a freelancer.

Aug 2019 – Oct 2021

IT and Communications Executive

Able Holdings (AUST) PTY LTD, Perth

For the biotechnology company Able Scientific, I was primarily responsible for the modernization of the IT infrastructure and the creation of a unified corporate image. Additionally, together with the sales team I developed lead-generation strategies for key products. To establish a corporate identity, I used CorelDRAW to create new packaging designs, flyers, email signatures and made adjustments to the website.

Achievement: By creating short product explanation videos and implementing them on one-page websites linked with QR codes in the Buyer’s Guide, the interest in the products increased. This resulted in higher sales of the advertised products by the sales team. At trade shows, my colleagues received positive feedback on the new unified design.

In Germany, I continued my work as a freelancer.

Jul 2018- Aug 2018

System administrator Microsoft AD (Active Directory)

Synchron GmbH, Stuttgart

After my apprenticeship at Friedrich Scharr KG, I returned to their IT consultancy Synchron GmbH during my summer vacations and worked as a system administrator for the Active Directory. My focus was on the documentation of the onboarding and offboarding process and the development of strategies to standardize the process. I analyzed and optimized AD structures e.g. by creating filter functions to identify critical user accounts (many access rights + password has not been changed for a long time).   

Achievement: By creating user account templates and through my documentation, the on and off-boarding process could be significantly accelerated and standardized. 

SEP 2014 – AUG 2017


Friedrich Scharr KG, Stuttgart

During my apprenticeship, I worked for the Friedrich Scharr KG. SCHARR Group is one of Germany’s leading independent energy and service companies. There I got a comprehensive overview of the internal process between the departments within the company. Most of the time I spend in the IT department. There I was part of the user helpdesk and operating team. I focused on managing the on- and offboarding process concerning the human resources department.

Achievement: The individual setup and update of computers were quite time-consuming. Therefore, toward the end of my apprenticeship, I tested different solutions for software deployment systems that allowed multiple computers to be set up and updated at the same time. The OS Deployment system as part of ITIL was introduced and provided significant time savings. In addition, the security was increased because the computers could be updated remotely.


NOV 2020 – Jun 2023

B.A. Student | Politics, Philosophy and Economics

Charles University in Prague

Grade: 1,5 (summa cum laude)

Double degree: For more information about the course: Please click here.

NOV 2020 – Jun 2023

B.A. Student | Philosophy and Economics

University Bayreuth

Double degree: For more information about the course: Please click here.

SEP 2017  – JUL 2019

Higher School Certificate

Economics High School Stuttgart

I achieved the Higher School Certificate at Economics High School in Stuttgart within two years. The focus of this school is on teaching economics, business studies and accounting.

SEP 2014 – JUN 2017

IT Management Assistant

Vocational IT School

Within three years I got my degree at the vocational IT school in Stuttgart. The three major subjects were Software Application and Development (SAD), Information Technology Systems (ITS) and Economics. The focus in SAD was learning the basics of the programming language C#, the modeling language UML (Unified Modeling Language) and the Entity-Relationship-Model. ITS focuses on the basics of network protocols and the function of the hardware used in IT.

SEP 2008 – JUN 2014

Secondary School

Hans and Sophie Scholl Secondary School

After six years at the Hans and Sophie Scholl Secondary School in Nuertingen, I achieved a secondary school certificate.

Graphic Design Platform


Adobe Express


Microsoft 365

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Outlook

ITIL Skills

Service Desk


Programming Language

Visual Basic for Applications



Development Tools




Visual Studio Code

Website Building






Catalog Design

Label Design

Certified Soft Skills

  • Friendliness
  • Self-management
  • Collaboration
  • Persistence


The proof of the testimonials can be found under the certificates.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Alexander Brink

Professor of Business Ethics

“Mr. Basler demonstrated outstanding perception, enabling him to quickly identify and address any issues that arose.” (2023)

Christina Norkus

Project Manager

“Mr. Basler worked in all situations in a very responsible, dutiful and service-oriented manner. He showed great commitment to his field of work and demonstrated a calm and focused approach even in stressful situations.” (2021)

Dale Smith

Chief Strategy Officer

“We would like to thank him for his commitment and the good cooperation in the team. Mr. Basler continues to work for us from Germany.” (2020)

Heinz Schneider

Head of Information Technology Department

“Mr. Basler was always extremely reliable and enjoyed our absolute trust.” (2018)

Lucia Daraio

Apprenticeship management

“We would like to thank Mr. Basler for the very good and pleasant cooperation and his commitment.” (2017)